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BPD COaching with TAMI GREEN

Borderline = highly treatable. I KNOW, BECAUSE I DID IT.

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tami green, certified master coach

Tami has an enviable tool kit with numerous certifications.

  • Master coach certified by Dr. Martha Beck, Oprah Winfrey’s life coach

  • 14 years of experience with thousands

  • High-level endorsements

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family coaching

BPD coaching with Tami can turn your relationship around. She can give you the tools to have an excellent relationship.

  • Learn effective therapy options

  • Skill building and support

  • Positive coaching

  • BPD education based on research and experience

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influencer coaching

Tami has worked with many high-level individuals with mental health diagnosis including:

  • A-list actors and Hollywood producers

  • Tech execs and entrepreneurs

  • Best selling authors

  • And more

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