I recovered from the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder, so can you and your family!

Research shows that Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is highly treatable and I'm living proof.

My story is much the same as many others out there...I lost my family, and I almost lost my life, to the ravages of this illness. I experienced all the common symptoms such as suicide attempts, unstable self-image, chronic emptiness, loss of jobs and intense emotional suffering. Many of us have intense emotions.

There was tremendous relief when I found out that with some hard work, I could get better. I, like many others out there, had attended support groups and gone to therapist after therapist, but had never received the tools to help me.

There is a lot of scary, misinformation on the Internet and in bookstores about Borderline Personality Disorder.  Don't believe it.  The truth is, BPD is highly treatable.  I, and many others, am living proof of this. But don't take my word for it...there is empirical evidence that supports this. 

BPD looks different in all of us. You have to have five of the nine criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder as outlined in the DSM-Manual but the work we do can benefit you even if you only have one or two of the symptoms. 

Whether it is you or someone you love that has Borderline Personality Disorder, know there is hope to become a healthy, calm, and generous person. There is help and support for family members as well. For example, there are many things you might say to someone with BPD that can greatly increase their distress. Likewise, many therapies cause more harm than good.

Equipped with the right information, the whole situation can turn around. We can learn how to speak with one another, calm the dynamic down, chose more supportive partners, lower the intensity and learn how to support and love one another.  Check out my videos to see how I'm doing now, and to access lots of useful information on how you can get better, too.

Recovery takes careful planning. The correct therapy must be found and a holistic approach to recovery incorporated into life practices. One must find support, and get themselves or their loved one in to treatment.  I can help you find all of this.

I did the work to get better. Many of us have!  You can get your symptoms under control and can have warm, loving and trusting relationships. 

If you are ready to get better, or ready to help a friend get better, contact me and I will coach you through finding the best and most effective treatment, support groups and a healthy approach to managing symptoms. We'll also work on improving relationships and fulfilling career choices. 

Happy Healing! I did it. So can you!


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My practice is dedicated to helping those with mental illness, and their families members, regain their life and realize all their best dreams. You can chose from individual coaching sessions, my online class, or a week-long jump start retreat with me in the beautiful Woodlands, TX.

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My favorite, favorite, favorite thing to do is work with my students in the class. I pull together all my research, experience and certifications to teach you how to retrain your brain and make it better than ever. You will also learn the true purpose of emotions and how to use them for your advantage. I heavily incorporate DBT skills for interpersonal and emotion management.

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What it felt like to have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).


My Practice

Located in the resort community of The Woodlands, TX, I offer individual coaching, week-long retreats, and phone and video calls for those outside the area. Classes are held online through live video-conferencing.

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