Are you a high achiever who is struggling with your mental health?

anxiety, depression, Borderline Personality?

  • I work with the brightest, most beautiful people on this planet.

  • I understand, because I’ve been there.


  • No-one knew how to help me

  • Successful on the outside

  • Falling apart on the inside

  • Extremely sensitive


  • Sweet, loving relationships

  • Calm, confident, focused

  • Happy 🙂

  • Successful

I can help you have success on the outside AND on the inside

work with me

Retreat with Tami Green

  • Five days, one-on-one

  • Discover your wellness

  • Learn skills

  • Create a plan for your life

  • Relax and have fun

Individual Coaching

  • Master coach, 14 years experience

  • High level endorsements

  • In person or by phone

Retrain Your Brain Online Class

  • DBT Skills Training

  • Life coaching your authentic self

  • Brain and emotional strengthening


As a coach and professional speaker, Tami has been described as “inspiring, intelligent and intuitive” by Martha Beck, America’s foremost life coach, best-selling author and O Magazine columnist. “She can help you discover or rediscover your passions, develop processes for channeling them, and sustain the effort to achieve your goals,” says Beck.