You've gone through some tough sh*+ to get here. Life has broken you wide open.

This is the place where you meet love. This is where the superstars gather 🌟✨💫

retreat with tami

Suzanne and Tami.jpg

It all begins now.

Everything you’ve ever gone through is about to make sense. I’m about to show you how.

Chris and Tami.jpg

You are a rock star. Big. Amazing. Embrace it.

You are a brilliant star. All you ever needed was someone to believe in you and a few tools to get you there.

Samantha and Tami.jpg

This is your launching place 🚀.

You and I are going to make this happen for you. It’s time, my friend. Let’s do this.

Week long, one-on-one, retreat. You and I.

In the beautiful Woodlands, TX.