Frequently Asked Questions


what is involved in a coaching session If I think I have BPD?

The most valuable thing about coaching with Tami is that she understands what you are going through, she thinks you are beautiful, and she knows how to get better. If you are diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, or suspect you have it, Tami can relate to the suffering and loneliness that often accompany the symptoms. She can help you put together a research-based recovery plan and support you on your journey to health. Because Tami offers phone coaching, her support is especially valuable during stressful times when you may need extra support.

what is involved in a coaching session if i love someone with BPD?

Tami works with family organizations such as NEA-BPD to find you local support and research-based classes. She can also help you find a therapist, in-patient or out-patient program and help you make a viable plan to get someone you love in treatment. Most importantly, Tami can validate and support your own experience and help you understand what is really going on inside your loved one with BPD.  She will also work with you to rebuild your own life and self-worth.

what is your refund policy?

The Retrain Your Brain Class offers a money-back guarantee. However, you can't heal your brain unless you are committed to doing the work. You will be required to complete all homework assignments and attend all classes (or watch the videos of classes) to qualify for a refund. For more details, go here.

Tami has never been asked for a refund for a coaching session, which is good, because there are no refunds for coaching sessions.

does tami work with therapists?

Yes, Tami works with therapists all the time.  She also can help you find a therapist qualified to treat Borderline Personality Disorder. She will work in conjunction with your therapist and communicate with them if you permit and is very familiar with the DBT model.

Tami also has numerous clients who are therapists themselves.

does tami work with suicidal people?

Absolutely. Of course. 100%. She has been there and she knows exactly what it feels like and the support that is needed. She will remain your coach as long as you want, even working with your therapist once you are in treatment. If you are feeling suicidal, like Tami once did, you'll need intensive treatment that actually works. She can help you find it.

where do i begin?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the information, get started with a coaching session with Tami. She can help you under the disorder, what treatments are effective and where to find them, and help you improve your emotional state and your relationships.

what will i learn in the retrain your brain class?

Tami's favorite thing ever is the Retrain Your Brain Class because it puts in your hands all the tools your therapists uses so you can practice them yourself.  This class focuses on practices to heal your brain, calm your emotions and elevate your relationship skills and includes her favorite DBT Skills training classes.

If you want to understand more about the class, we recommend a free copy of her recent book "Control The Future: Thought Technology for Influencers", which you can sign up for here.

Does Tami ever travel?

Yes, Tami travels for speaking engagements, conferences and workshops. Join her newsletter or follow her on social media to see her in your home-town.

does tami offer a free introduction call?

We get asked this a lot. Sorry, no. 

what if i can't afford her services but need help?

When Tami first got diagnosed, she couldn't afford treatment either. Don't let that stop you, my friend. Tami offers many free resources such as videos, her blog posts and podcasts.  Make sure you follow her on social media and sign up for her newsletter, too.

can tami help find me a therapist?

Yes, Tami works with therapists and treatment centers who have received recommendations from patients that they understand how to validate and treat someone with Borderline Personality Disorder. Most use Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, but not everyone responds to DBT. It is important that you find a therapist that you trust and has the skill-set to treat you. Lastly, though DBT is the "gold standard" for BPD and suicide ideation treatment, not all therapists have been properly trained or understand DBT protocols. Tami can help you sort through all of this.