I Opened Myself Up to Be Loved By A Kind Man 🤗

I hadn’t been with kind men before him.

I always chose a different path. A path of difficult relationships with difficult men who taught me how to be strong—how to stand up for myself and be clear about who I was and how to love myself.


And then I chose another path. I opened myself up to be loved by a kind man. I dreamed of him coming to me one day and then he did.

But it’s disarming, literally. I have to lay down my arms. To just receive and trust, and that feels vulnerable when I’ve for so long had to fight.

My secret boyfriend is my angel. He tortures me by bringing out all my insecurities and just when I feel I’ve had enough, he shows me kindness and love.

He is the kindest person I’ve ever known that I haven’t given birth to. And he is a strong man who believes in my strength.

Sometimes I want to fight. Sometimes I resist. Sometimes he does, too. We’re not perfect. But I am learning. And this lesson is a beautiful one.

May you learn to be loved and receive kindness in all your relationships. More and more and more.

Love to you, my friend. 👇Your thoughts?